Our History

The success of Constructionarium is due entirely the people that have devoted their time, energy and imagination to making it work, by transforming Stef Stefanou’ vision into reality, over the years.

Stef (former Chairman of John Dole Construction) had been attending a presentation at Imperial College in February 2002 and heard from Chris Wise (Expedition Engineering), who was presenting his findings having spent time reviewing engineering education. He had identified that there needed to be significantly more industry participation in education, which Stef challenged. Industry participation was not only seen as a way to move the whole of academia forward, there was also a requirement for academia to produce students/graduates that were productive quickly when they arrived on site.

And so Constructionarium was bourne.

We have grown from a pilot site in West London to a bespoke 19 acre training facility in Bircham Newton, Norfolk which provides 16 iconic civil engineering projects, along with netzero and construction related skills training. We are a CITB Approved Training Organisation and CPD accredited. It is transitioning into a multi-disciplinary training facility which builds on it core values of experiential, immersive learning.