For Industry

Why choose Constructionarium?

  • Industry partners have always been key to the success of Constructionarium. Contractors, consulting engineers and architects have built long-lasting relationships with universities to give their future workforce the opportunity to gain practical experience in an authentic site environment. Firms have found Constructionarium projects hugely beneficial for developing their own staff and many attend with their graduate trainees, apprentices or for team building purposes.

“Working collaboratively with Constructionarium and PJ Careys enables us to shape career paths of students, spot talent and raise our profile with the students who attend. Our own employees who attend in a mentoring role gain valuable skills that support their personal development within Atkins and their professional chartership. It is a definite win-win for all concerned which is why we have supported Constructionarium for so long.”

Mike McNicholas, Managing Director Atkins

Reasons to attend

  • There are many reasons why industry partners choose to come to Constructionarium, for some it is about their recruitment pipeline for others it is more about developing staff and ‘giving back’. Many use a Constructionarium project as a practical way to induct large numbers of staff in one week or to bring together a new team.

Spot emerging talent

  • A week at Constructionarium can be seen as an extended interview process where you are able to observe students over a 6 day period – how they perform under pressure and how they get on with their team members. Many firms recruit directly from their week on site to either full time roles or work placements. A Constructionarium project can also be adapted for use as an assessment centre for graduate recruitment.

Inspire the next generation of construction professionals

  • Our testimonials page has several examples of individuals who changed the career path following a week at Constructionarium. By showing students the breadth and detail of roles available in the construction industry we can influence career choices and inspire and motivate students.

Tackle the skills shortage

  • Demand for skilled workers in the construction industry exceeds supply and has done for several years. Constructionarium offers firms the opportunity to tackle the skills shortage and invest in skills and training at the same time as encouraging more young people into the industry by addressing the negative perception of construction as a career choice.

Fulfil Corporate Social Responsibility objectives

  • Constructionarium can form a key part of a firm’s CSR strategy through investment in skills, training and young people.

Induction for new staff

  • As well as partnering projects with University of Glasgow, Multiplex use Constructionarium on an annual basis to induct their new intake of graduate trainees. Attending Constructionarium gives them a chance to build relationships and share their culture and working practices in a safe and structured environment.

Develop junior managers

  • Levels of post qualification retention in the construction industry are poor and developing junior staff can support the transition from training to the workplace and ensure they can see a career path to the future. Read JN Bentley Site Engineer, Melanie Blenkinship’s profile for more QUOTE In 2019 JN Bentley attended with their apprentices and the Learning Skills Partnership to develop their skills.

Build partnerships with academia

  • Forming long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with academic institutions can ensure that curriculums reflect the current reality of the industry.

Team building

  • Many firms choose Constructionarium to develop their staff and teams. Our projects can be tailored depending on requirements and can be used for team blending prior to a joint venture or testing processes for a new build.

How does it work?

  • When partnering with an academic institution, contractors generally provide the material required for the project and PPE. Employee resources to support the event would usually include a Site Project Manager, Formworker, Steelfixer as well as a Junior Project Manager for each project undertaken. The aim is to make the experience as realistic as possible and we encourage communication and briefings prior to the event to discuss health and safety, method statements, lifting plans and company protocols.

Equipment and materials can be delivered to site before the event and in the case of long term partnerships, we are able to provide storage.