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Bircham Newton, Norfolk, England
Constructionarium Ltd occupies a bespoke 19 acre site which has been specifically designed and built to provide a range of challenging teaching and learning conditions.  It is on a dedicated site within the grounds of the National Construction College campus.

Spilt over four quadrants, there are 17 work areas including scaled down rivers, lakes, stabilised flatlands, mountainous terrain, some dodgy areas of porous strata and high ground water.  The landscape replicates the challenges often found on building sites and provides realistic construction experiences for maximum learning.

Constructionarium can also be used as a test bed for innovative ideas. Away from prying eyes and self contained in a secure facility, Constructionarium can ensure that your IPR is protected, developed and brought to life. A great example of this is where students from University of Warwick who beat over 350 other teams from around the world to get to the finals of SpaceX and The Boring Company’s tunnelling competition. They used Constructionarium as their final test stage before heading out to the US in September 2021.