Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is what differentiates a Constructionarium project from regular field trips or site visits. At Constructionarium the focus is on learning by participation rather than learning through theory or watching a demonstration.

Our projects offer a real world context and scale that cannot be replicated in a classroom or on campus. Based on iconic structures from around the world, they require the involvement of the whole team working together and so enhance transferable skills such as communication, planning, time management and decision making.

Each project has different complexities, a degree of challenge and delegates must deal with on site issues as they arise – from bad weather, late deliveries to nesting birds! The practical approach enables study to come alive and become meaningful. For an overview of each project click here.

Experiential Learning for students and for industry

Projects can be tailored to the needs of individual groups depending on the learning outcome required. The Ravenspurn Oil Rig or Brewery Wharf Footbridge can be selected for a concrete intensive project or a project like The Gherkin for a focus on structural steelwork. We cater for any age and experience level, from those in Further Education to undergraduates, apprentices and professionals. Find out more below.

Constructionarium offers best practice in experiential learning

The CITB commissioned research into experiential learning using Constructionarium as an example of best practice. Traverse carried out an extensive literature review into academic papers, books and investigations into experiential learning in construction which they distilled into five tips for best practice, the full report can be downloaded here.

They found that Constructionarium:

  • Gives students independence and autonomy in their decisions
  • Embeds reflection and time for learning
  • Exposes students to role models across the construction industry
  • Has a co-ordinated approach with academia
  • Works alongside industry.