Testimonial: Chole Gray

I am currently based in New York, working for the NYC Department of Buildings as an Assistant Plan Examiner.  In 2014 I attended Constructionarium as part of my studies at the New Jersey Institute of Technology where I majored in Architecture and Concrete Industry Management.  I was one of six students from my school who got the opportunity to travel to the UK and attend Constructionarium alongside four other schools from the USA.  

We took on the Ravenspurn Oil Rig platform which was a concrete intensive project and I was responsible for the concrete pour.  I had to ensure that it was poured correctly, at the correct consistency and the right pace to avoid cracking.  Although I had previously interned at an architectural practice, Constructionarium was my first real experience of a construction site and I think I probably learnt more in those 10 days than in all the rest of my studies!  My team worked really well together and I was impressed at how we were able to transition from strangers to teammates so quickly.  Having a common goal helped us to co-ordinate and we were able to launch the oil platform successfully and on time.

When I arrived on site, I immediately went from being a student to being a professional.  The experience I had gained as an architecture intern helped me to put the pieces together and see for myself just how important accurate drawings are to a successful end result.  This had a huge influence on my chosen career path and having time in the UK on my CV helped me to stand out from the crowd when I was interviewing for roles.  I would say Constructionarium was one of the best experiences of my life and I would love to come back one day!