Press release: Constructionarium Publishes A Lexicon Of Climate Change Work

Constructionarium Ltd has made their first steps in helping the sector understand climate change by co-ordinating a central place for colleagues, academics and students to be aware of activities in this area, through the NetZeroLexicon.

Constructionarium, which offers experiential construction training to students and employees across the built environment sector, has published a list of over 40 organisations, professional institutes and interest groups in the UK who are actively working towards a goal of net-zero carbon. 

The construction industry contributes 39% of the total greenhouse gases worldwide, according to the World Green Building Council, with a further 28% coming from operational emissions, including energy used to heat, cool and light buildings.  Constructionarium says the industry has a very real responsibility to move away from carbon-intensive technology sooner rather than later but understanding where to find out information on activities already undertaken is not always easy – there hasn’t been a place where you can take a holistic view across the sector.

Chairman Keith Clarke CBE said, “The multitude of groups and institutions trying to address the climate change emergency is heartening with some best in class work.  However, the total effort fails to provide such transition at a scale for a fit for purpose to change the design and construction industry’s practices  in the necessary timeframe.

We are launching the Lexicon on Constructionarium’s website ( to help people find and follow initiatives, which are paving the way for the industry to move towards net zero and adopt greener technological solutions. There has been some excellent work undertaken thus far and as a sector we need to build on this work quickly to enable the sector and government to change the construction funding stimulus to one which includes environmental requirements.”

Constructionarium’s Chief Exec Julia Stevens said, “Constructionarium started to address the Climate Change issue within its traditional experiential learning activities by introducing a “Sustainability Challenge” for all our universities to participate in.  It was during this period of research that we started to notice how difficult it was to learn about the excellent work that others across the sector were undertaking.”   

“So when our customers, students and industry partners started asking us for direction and guidance, Constructionarium saw this as an opportunity to provide a platform – NetZeroLexicon,” she added. “This free platform sign-posts the reader to the excellent work currently being undertaken by others and that is already in the public domain – a central repository if you like.  We very much see this as a starting point and welcome others to join the free listing.  The more we can include the quicker the catalyst for change.”

Constructionarium intends to continue to contribute to the decarbonisation agenda in other ways, as it realises that the transition to a net zero future requires a transformation in the current training provision in order to deliver the professional and technical skills required.  It will be launching other products to support this initiative in the next few months.