Testimonial: Arjun Sharma

I attended Constructionarium in 2014 and absolutely loved it.  I was in the second year of my Civil Engineering degree at University of Greenwich and my team built the Ravenspurn Oil Rig where I was in charge of surveying.  I also helped with the concrete reinforcement learning how to tie rebar and interpreting the drawings making sure that the measurements were spot on.  As a team we learnt how important the QA role is when mistakes of just a few millimetres can mean having to strip back and start again.

The practical experience I gained at Constructionarium has helped me to manage teams on site – I know that I have walked in their shoes and I understand just how strenuous and physically tiring it is to fix rebar all day.   At Constructionarium we worked together as a real project team would do; reporting to the client, answering their questions and making sure all the documentation and method statements were in place.  This might have seemed tiresome when we were students but I now know that having your paperwork in order is one of the most important parts of site work.

Whilst at university I imagined my career to be in a design office rather than on site but my time at Constructionarium changed my perspective and made me open to considering different types of roles when I graduated and I was able to go into interviews feeling confident that I had some practical experience to discuss.

For me the satisfaction of completing the project was the highlight of my time at Constructionarium.  The week on site was hard work, physically tough, cold and windy but we worked together as a team and were able to stand on our successfully completed rig on the final day.  It is quite rare in construction to be able to see a project through from the beginning to end and it was great to have that sense of satisfaction and ownership whilst still at university.